Shopping Experience is Not Enough

21 10 2021 | INSIGHTS

For a few years now, the shopping centre industry has been discussing that shopping experience alone is not sufficient. In order to attract and engage customers, additional, interesting in-store experiences are required – visitors want to be surprised.

Free art, fashion, photography and other thematic exhibitions in the spaces of the shopping centres remain a very effective means of attracting visitors’ flows. Various cultural, social or educational formats of exhibitions not only generate interest and encourage visiting the shopping centre, but also shape the image of the shopping centre.

It is important that the theme and form of the exhibition would be consistent with the positioning strategy of the shopping centre. The involvement of customers will then be far greater, and it will help the shopping centre both to strengthen its brand and identity and to achieve its sales goals.

Our client, Kaunas Shopping Centre Akropolis, is positioning itself as a fashion shopping centre. The aim of its managers is not only to respond to the current fashion trends but also to inspire visitors. In view of these goals, we suggested organizing an exhibition of an exclusive format featuring historical exhibits of haute couture fashion house to the client.

For the first time in Lithuania, we organized a spectacular event of great beauty, the DIOR Woman exhibition, featuring historical exhibits of the legendary Christian Dior fashion house from the private collection of the fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev Foundation. The exhibition explored the story of one of the world’s most prestigious and influential couture houses through the series of themes, featuring women’s dresses, suits, shoes, accessories, perfume, and sketches designed between 1947 and 1988 by Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Bohan, the designers of the fashion house, and several stunning images. The visitors of the shopping centre who saw the exhibition had the opportunity to learn about and feel the spirit and everyday life of haute couture fashion house of the time.

We developed and adapted the exhibition format for our client. We carefully selected, grouped and staged the exhibits based on the designer’s biography. This high-quality content and visually impressive exhibition were one of the biggest challenges and achievements of our team in 2021. The exhibition attracted a great deal of media attention, visitors not only admired the exhibition but also shared feedback and photos on social media.

Read more about the DIOR Woman exhibition here.

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