Calculated creation happens every day in our studio life. We use our diverse knowledge and experience to acknowledge opportunities in areas of business needs and goals, and find the solutions. We offer ideas founded on insights from research and data. And every day we take actions to execute our ideas. Vision without action is just a daydream.

  • Business development and project management
  • Experiential marketing and brand activation
  • Event marketing
  • Brand development
  • Strategy consulting and tactics

Experiential marketing & brand activation

It’s all about the experience these days: customer experience, attendee experience, user experience, and especially experiential marketing. We concept and create alive, impactful and memorable experiences that build meaningful relationships between your brand and real people in the real world. Through experiential marketing and brand promotion activities, we create sharable moments, emotions and lasting impressions that build brand love over just likes.
Our work covers a broad range of below-the-line (BTL) marketing activities including brand activations, retail experiences, sales activations, consumer marketing events, pop-up marketing and installations, art integration, sponsorship activations, influencer marketing, content and social media engagement projects, publicity stunts, PR events, and mobile tours. But we don’t stop there. Talk to us about how we can help your brand connect more purposefully with your customers.


Event marketing

One of the best ways to reach and attract new audiences, increase brand or product awareness, or engage and inspire your existing customers is through event marketing. But you don’t want to tack an event onto your brand without giving any consideration to what your brand means, who your customers are, what are your business objectives, and why you’re hosting the event in the first place.
Before developing an event idea, we acknowledge opportunities in areas of business needs and goals and establish a strategic approach that is authentic to your brand and your audience. It guides a creative process and ensures a cohesive campaign across every touch point, so no idea is ever a one-hit wonder.
We create the event concept, plan overall logistics of the event, conduct project management of the event as a whole. Events come in a large variety of flavours, and could take many different forms, from a simple work-shop or just-for-fun event to an entire conference or exhibition. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help with results-driven event marketing.


Business development & project management

Through new ideas and initiatives, businesses aim to promote their expansion and growth at multi-level stages. However, sometimes companies do not have capacity, specific knowledge, strong skills or certain experience to expand business or develop a new business project themselves, or they do not consider it efficient because it is not their core business. They may need to subcontract this work to an external agency – that is where we fit in.
Over the years our team members developed considerable expertise, credibility, networks, strong project management, marketing support, negotiations, contracting skills and experiences. That can assist you in identifying new business development opportunities, assessing potential risks, defining a business strategy, designing a business plan, bringing the strategy to life, leading the project, screening and selecting of the most suitable partners, negotiating and structuring the transaction, or adjusting the course according to changing business condition. Specifically having expertise in commerce, retailing, entertainment and leisure business areas we will guide you through the process of turning your idea into a successful business by providing efficient and effective business development and project management services.
We deeply understand that beyond the ideation, implementation, and execution of a business development idea, the end results matter the most. Let’s talk how we can put our skills and experience at your disposal to reach the full potential of your business idea.


Brand development

It starts with your brand promise, your business goals, and a true and deep understanding of your target audience. We immerse ourselves in your business and use authentic data-points to determine the ideal positioning. It results in your shiny new verbal and visual identity, logo, messaging strategy, colour pallet, typography, tone of voice, storytelling, and brand guidelines. Everything in between is proficiency and a bit of magic. And it’s not the end. It’s just the beginning of a challenging but exciting brand development voyage. Give us your goal, and let’s get to work.


Strategy consulting & tactics

When you’re intimately connected to something, whether it’s clothing you like, a loved one, or even the business or company, it’s hard to tell when it’s time to correct certain things. An external look is always helpful! A strategy consultant brings an outside, expert perspective on business challenges, supports with strategic decision making, which includes the development of strategy and to an extent also the execution of strategic plans.
We may supplement your knowledge in retail, business development, marketing or project management with the soft skills and leadership abilities needed to augment your existing staff or, in some cases, even lead the company in a new direction. If you feel you need some help to figure out a course of action, let’s talk how you can benefit from our expertise gained from various projects and over two decades of experience.