Welcome to the Mini Pumpkin Village

If there was a vote for the most popular autumn image on social media – pumpkin patch pictures would take the centre stage. Although pumpkins are cultivated and much liked in Lithuania, a visit to a pumpkin patch, which is a tradition in the US, is still new to us. Therefore, the Mini Pumpkin Village introduced by us at URMAS Shopping Town in Kaunas became a major attraction and the most popular place for autumn photo sessions in the city.


URMAS Shopping Town


Marketing activations


October, 2020



The challenge. With the arrival of autumn, apprehensive that a possible second wave of the pandemic could hit the country, supermarkets were looking for safe ways to attract customers. This is what our client, URMAS Shopping Town, tasked us with and we came up with an idea of an open, safe and highly Instagrammable space.

The idea. Inspired by the American “pumpkin patch” tradition, when in October families go to visit large pumpkin farms to pick the nicest pumpkin, we created a mini version of the Pumpkin Village full of breath-taking autumn colours, over 2,000 pumpkins, autumn flowers and Halloween decorations. We wanted people not only to come to enjoy the autumn decorations and take spectacular photos but also to learn more about pumpkins and their huge variety.

The solution. A team of professional florists and decorators used around 2,000 different sizes, shapes and types of pumpkins to create the Pumpkin Village. In addition to the display of traditional round orange pumpkins, there were many varieties of decorative pumpkins: completely white Baby Boo, traditional orange miniature Jack Be Little pumpkins, Warty Goblins and various striped and hybrid pumpkins that surprised the visitors with their impressive shapes and colours. 

Visitors were able not only to admire various pumpkins the entire month, but also to spend time playing original and traditional games, participating in pumpkin painting workshops and free professional family photo sessions.

Making it extraordinary.

The Pumpkin Village impressed both visitors and the media alike. The event was covered by news journalists from the most popular TV channel, and the largest news and local tourism portals and blogs. Social media was packed with colourful images from the Pumpkin Village.

Following the event, edible pumpkins and hay used for decorating were donated to Kaunas Zoo.

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