BOHOMEY – a Fresh Lithuanian Women’s Fashion Brand

In the beginning of 2021, our business development team embarked on a creative path looking for new areas of activities, self-fulfilment, and challenges. This is how we came up with an idea of a new clothing and macramé accessory brand with a touch of a bohemian flair. BOHOMEY was born in our female team out of our need, inspiration, and desire to inspire women to feel feminine, romantic, and effortlessly elegant.




Business Development
Brand Development


Since 2021

Although it is difficult to surprise customers with something new and unique, we were driven by our curiosity and energy to turn our idea into reality. We have experience in working with a variety of clients on brand development and upgrade strategies, but our task this time was much broader. Our team became involved in each and every aspect of the BOHOMEY business – from the development of the clothing models and style, to supply, production process, communication, advertising and increasing further brand awareness outside Lithuania. Our consistent work and inspiration have paid off. In spring 2023, we will offer our fourth womenswear collection.

bohomey collection
bohomey collection

BOHOMEY is a fresh Lithuanian women’s fashion brand, inspired by a desire to combine the luxury and consciousness of natural fibres with timeless and elevated, yet easy-to-wear designs that last, and make women feel feminine, comfortable, effortlessly elegant, and confident. Our garments are high quality, sustainable and affordable. We especially adore pure linen, which reveals an elegant simplicity, contemporary feel, and delivers fresh feminine silhouettes with a touch of bohemian flair. We follow a slow fashion business model which is simple and sustainable. BOHOMEY’s production takes place in Lithuania (EU) at small women-owned factories or by self-employed craftswomen.

Meet BOHOMEY. We hope you will love it as much as we do!


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