The New RANGE ROVER – The Most Desirable Ever Created

After the new Range Rover world premiere at the Royal Opera House in London, there was equally impressive unveiling of the car to the invited audience in Lithuania. On 4 January, at the Smoke Factory cultural event space, we organized an impressive presentation of the fifth-generation Range Rover to Inchcape Motors customers and partners. The car was unveiled in Vilnius together with an art installation created especially for this occasion by the famous contemporary artist Tadas Černiauskas, known as Tadao Cern.


Inchcape Motors – official Land Rover – Range Rover representative in Lithuania


Event management
Contemporary art installation


January 2022


Tadao Cern


AB Light

The challenge

Our client Inchcape Motors in Lithuania had an exclusive opportunity to be the first to unveil the new Range Rover in the Baltic countries. The car producer describes this model as a masterpiece of modern technology and design, so the client sought an unconventional and exclusive way to unveil this luxury car to their existing and potential customers.

The idea

The luxurious Range Rover has always attracted leaders in various fields, the most ambitious creators and entrepreneurs, and members of royal families. The latest Range Rover is an example of inspiration, sophistication, elegance, and advanced technology. After closer acquaintance with the new model, its capabilities, and advantages, we proposed to unveil the new Range Rover as a piece of modern art.

During the event, the car became a part of the art installation designed specifically for one evening only for invited guests. We invited Tadao Cern, a world-renowned artist, who has created art installations for such well-known brands as Samsung, Huawei, BMW, Chupa Chups, etc., to produce an installation to reveal the characteristics of Range Rover.

The solution

For two days Tadao Cern created his installation guided by his instinct and his notion as to what kind of environment would be suitable for the car. As a result, a wavy, ascending, breaking, glossy, contrasting composition was born, which offered enjoyable harmony and unbridled elemental force.

The artist wanted to surround Range Rover with relief to emphasize its greatest advantages. This SUV is an example of esthetics, luxury, functionality, and advanced engineering. This was reflected in the use of metal, chrome, and geometric forms in the composition – all of which was, in contrast, covered by snow-like paper to form the natural rocky landscape.

The event took place in the industrial cultural space. The minimalist, clean environment was the neutral background for the focal point – the car and the art installation surrounding it. A special light and sound show was created for the reveal moment to further enhance guest experiences and engagement.

During the event, all generations of Range Rover were exhibited, starting from the very first models, which appeared on the market more than forty years ago, to the models of the past few years. This allowed customers to learn the history, development, and style of this brand.

Making it extraordinary

Since the art installation was created only for one evening and the new Range Rover had in a week’s time to travel to other Baltic countries, we invited the famous automotive photographer Arnoldas Ivanauskas to take photographs of the car. After the event, his artistic photographs were exhibited at the Range Rover showroom like at a true art gallery.

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