We are the Kings of Rubbish

We are the Kings of Rubbish – this is what Algis Kriščiūnas, a well-known Lithuanian visual artist, called his art installation, which also included the world-famous quote “How dare you” by the environmental activist Greta Thunberg. The artistic installation highlighted the Book Fair theme at Europa Shopping Centre in Vilnius.


EUROPA Shopping Centre


PR campaign
Art installation
Pop-up marketing


November, 2019


Algis Kriščiūnas
VAGA Bookstore

The Challenge. After the success of the first Book Fair at Europa Shopping Centre in Vilnius, the managers of the shopping centre wished to repeat it. Our team had a task not only of organising a pop-up bookstore with a reading lounge in the central hall of Europa, but also of proposing an idea for the promotion of the Book Fair and all related activities. rubbish

The Idea. In the context of the global issues and the ambiguous effect that the address to world leaders by the young climate activist had at the time, we suggested responding to this important topic. Excessive consumption, failure to protect the environment and pollution are the problems that the world suffers today. Our wish was to capture and sustain the attention of the audience.

Art, in all of its forms, can be a powerful engagement tool. It evokes emotion and often educates observers in one way or another. We, therefore, invited the well-known Lithuanian artist Algis Kriščiūnas to create an art installation on the issue of responsible consumption, sustainability and environmental protection.

The Solution.  Algis Kriščiūnas created an art installation with the overwhelming message – we are the Kings of Rubbish. It consisted of two parts – a huge painting of a child reading a book with the title How Dare You, a quote from the speech of the environmental activist Greta Thunberg, and his cloak made from various pieces of rubbish collected right from the garbage bins of the shopping centre.

The art installation was created at the shopping centre, so visitors could see the creative process. According to the artist, it was designed as a reminder to society to take care not only of themselves but also of the environment.

“Today, we are comprehensively educating ourselves, beautifying our inner world, but we often forget and even completely abandon the environment in which we live. It seems that sometimes we excessively use the conveniences of the world without caring at all about what is left after us and where it will go. The child depicted in the installation is a reflection of our society – educated but careless, sitting on a “pile of knowledge”, but not noticing that the mantle of a personal greatness is gradually turning into rubbish”, the artist said.

The Vaga bookstore chain contributed to the campaign by choosing to refuse single-use plastic bags in their shop to show that even a small action can make a positive impact. Additionally, to encourage the public to consume responsibly, book presentation and talk events, presenting Bea Johnson’s global bestseller Zero Waste Home and Luca Mercalli’s children’s book What a Heat!, were held during the Book Fair.

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