Tour of the City Art Gallery by FORD

In 2020, Ford Motor Company introduced new urban crossover models Puma and Kuga. The client was looking for ways to promote these new cars and build a stronger relationship with the existing customers and to attract new target audiences. We therefore created special city art tours in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, that the Ford customers could take in their new urban SUVs while testing the cars.


Inchcape Motors - official Ford representative in Lithuania.


Brand experience
Sales promotion


March - August, 2021


Vero Cafe

The challenge. The brand experience campaign was aimed at sending the message “Make Something New” and “All-New Escape” by Ford. It was important to propose an idea that would highlight the innovation and modernity of Ford cars and the orientation toward unexpected customer experiences. Due to Covid19-related restrictions for activations and events, it was necessary to adapt to the existing situation and find a safe way to offer customer experiences.

The idea. Test drives are some of the strongest motivators that influence the decision to purchase a car. During test drives, a direct connection between the customer and the car brand is built. We thought of turning a traditional and rather boring test drive into an exceptional and interesting experience.

Driving regularly in the city with many things on our minds, we often don’t notice and don’t even know how many works of art exist around us. Murals, art installations, sculptures, and their stories make urban space a 24/7 open-air art gallery.

We, therefore, created special city art tours in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda, that the Ford customers could take in their new urban SUVs while testing the cars.

The solution. The customers who registered for a test drive in a Ford SUV, were provided with a map of interesting art objects in the city with their descriptions, interesting facts and stories. All the objects and stopovers have been entered in the car’s navigation system, so customers could easily find and see the objects through the window of their car or easily stop to look at them. The journey allowed the customers have a different look at the city while enjoying the comfort of the new car.

Making it extraordinary. Street art often raises awareness of various social and cultural issues and such works are authentic symbols of the city with their unique expression and form. Some of the works become a long-term integral part of the cityscape, others appear only temporarily. Such an exclusive test drive in a new comfortable Ford was full of impressions and provided an opportunity to get to know and feel the city better.

To make the tour of the city’s open-air art gallery even more enjoyable, customers received a coupon and were invited to visit a partner, Vero Café, and to collect a free cup of coffee.

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