This is Christmas!

Anticipation of the busiest holiday season was different this year – without the usual holiday hustle and bustle, and keeping social distance from each other. Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, many much-awaited Christmas events, entertainment, marketing activations and projects were cancelled. Although businesses had to close temporarily, they were looking for ways to maintain the Christmas spirit, to bring joy to customers and employees, and to stand out in a competitive environment. Therefore, the interior and exterior décor of shopping centres, shop windows, restaurants, hotels and public buildings became the key highlight of the 2020 holiday season. This year our team executed as many as 12 exclusive Christmas décor projects. We invite you to take a look at them.


Hotel Pacai Vilnius
Jewelry Shop Gimbutis
Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius
Hotel Stikliai
Business City Quadrum
Business Centre K29
Avia Solutions Group
Shop Uoga Uoga
Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre
Trakai Island Castle
Church of Saint Mary's Scapular
Restaurant St. Valentino
Clinic Neodenta




November 2020 – January 2021


FLOWER COUTURE by Mantas Petruškevičius

In spring 2020, we joined efforts with the most acclaimed Lithuanian florist and decorator, Mantas Petruškevičius. At Christmas, we amalgamated Mantas’ creative excellence and the expertise of our team in project management. As a result, in a short period of just over a month, we managed to implement several different and unique Christmas decoration projects, including not only various commercial objects, such as hotels, restaurants, business and shopping centres but also Trakai Castle Museum, the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre and even the Church in Druskininkai.

#1 Hotel Pacai Vilnius and Jewelry Shop Gimbutis are located in the palace of the former noble family Pacas (Pac) of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, where grand history meets modern comfort. When thinking about the decor for such a sophisticated place, you hope to create something spectacular, yet at the same time, very warm. The inspiration for this décor was vast expanses of snow-capped treetops in the mountains – an image that amazes with its tranquillity and magnificence.

“Winter for me associates with a forest of fir trees covered with a thick white layer of snow reminiscent of a white winter tale, which takes you back to your childhood, encourages you to have more dreams, and to believe in miracles. I wish that the guests and visitors of Hotel PACAI would for a moment find themselves in such a tale,” Mantas Petruškevičius on his décor idea.

The Christmas décor here became the most spectacular Christmas destination and most Instagrammable site in Vilnius.

#2 Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius. The décor of the luxurious five-star hotel located in the heart of Vilnius’ Old Town was inspired by a classic Christmas tale. The lobby of the hotel became an abundantly decorated residence of Santa Claus with a fireplace, library and many letters waiting for a reply. With a forensic eye to detail, the decorator created an enchanting atmosphere which became the best backdrop for family and fashion photoshoots. 

#3 Hotel Stikliai in Vilnius. The façade of the hotel’s patisserie features a unique Parisian-style macaron decor, which changes shades with the change of seasons. At Christmas, Christmas trees and traditional candy canes, an inseparable part of the holiday celebrations, stand sweetly next to the macarons. The display’s exceptional style was awarded first prize by Vilnius Christmas Display 2020.

#4 Uoga Uoga in Vilnius. In order to emphasise the natural and eco qualities of Lithuanian beauty products, the shop was decorated with pine branches collected from the forest on the Baltic Sea coast, still echoing the roar of the sea. The décor emulated a forest tale, enchanting us with its natural and green environment.

#5 Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Vilnius. This year, on the eve of the upcoming centenary of the Lithuanian opera, it seemed that all muses came to give a hand to the talented decorator and florist Mantas Petruškevičius who was decorating the Christmas tree of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Vilnius. The Christmas tree in the Red Lobby of the theatre this year was glowing, mysterious and musical. The decorator searched through theatre costumes and props for special accents reminding of the previous performances of La Traviata.

“I wanted to incorporate the glamorous theatre costumes, trumpets, an old chandelier, and graceful columns that associate with opera. Of course, the traditional Christmas spirit was retained, so that the Christmas tree would not become too modern. I’ve always loved working with old theatre props as they are not devoid of spirit,” Mantas Petruškevičius said about this year’s Christmas tree of the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The virtual lighting of the Christmas tree of the Opera and Ballet Theatre provided hope that visitors of the theatre would soon return.

#6 Trakai Island Castle. Due to the lockdown, the Castle’s museum remained closed. But, a really royal Christmas tale, created by the decorator and his team in the courtyard of the museum, seemed to indicate that everything has a happy ending.  Also, a special interactive clock was counting downtime to the magical moment when dreams come true.

#7 Avia Solutions Group in Vilnius. The office lobby of the leading aviation services group was decorated with Christmas trees positioned in a non-traditional way, thus becoming an enchanted winter forest suspended in the air. Thousands of icicles adorning the Christmas trees gave the illusion of magical fragility and the sound of the forest in winter.

#8 Business City Quadrum in Vilnius. Sometimes winter may be without snow, therefore the environs of the modern business centre were decorated with special sized stylised twinkling snowflakes which looked impressive both during the day and at night. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, the interior of the business centre was decorated with stylish modern origami.

#9 Restaurant San Valentino in Vilnius. Although the Italian restaurant operating in Vilnius’ Old Town for over 20 years was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic during this Christmas, the owners of the restaurant decided to boost the mood of passers-by. Green fir garlands and wreaths, golden vines and red bows were reminiscent of the oasis of the traditional Italian spirit in Lithuania.

# 10 Church of Saint Mary’s Scapular in Druskininkai. The entrance to the town’s church was decorated for Advent using branches of natural fir forming an arch, which provided a feeling of warmth, inspired and invited everyone in need of spiritual support to enter the sacred space.

#11 Business Centre K29 in Vilnius.  Christmas ornaments were used to highlight the special architecture and contemporary style of the centre, so the traditional Christmas Tree was decorated with silver bubbles and disco balls of various sizes.

#12 Clinic Neodenta in Kaunas. The lobby of the clinic was decorated with a 3-metre high real Christmas tree and the bannister of the stairs was decked with fir garlands, ornamental snow, crystal icicles and natural fir cones. Natural and minimalist décor elements in the modern clinic created an atmosphere of a real forest and both the employees and visitors of the clinic were in awe.

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