Christmas Candy Cane Forest

In December, we installed a fabulous Christmas Forest in the URMAS Shopping Town, where a magical Christmas elf post office was operating among the many Christmas trees decorated with lights, surrounded by huge candy canes. During the entire Christmas season, the smiling elves made sure that the children wrote lists of their good deeds and achievements for Santa Claus, placed the letters into the Christmas mailbox, and get his reply.


URMAS Commercial Area


Marketing activation
Christmas decorations


December 2021



The challenge

Our client, the URMAS Shopping Town, seeks to become not only an attractive shopping place for families but also offer them entertainment. Since our client did not have available indoor space suitable for our purposes, we had to offer activities that would be suitable outdoors in the cold season.

The idea

The Christmas season is unimaginable without an abundance of decorations and surprises for children. But, even such classic things as a Christmas Forest and a Christmas post office can be presented differently – with more excitement and joy.

In the URMAS Shopping Town, we created a small Christmas fairy-tale for visitors – a Christmas candy cane forest with many Christmas trees decorated in lights, surrounded by huge Christmas candy canes, and also included a nostalgic horse carousel, and gigantic Christmas ornaments. And, of course, there was a magical Christmas post office decorated with fir branches, where cheerful elves worked the entire Christmas season.

The solution

The Christmas candy cane forest became a popular place for holiday photography. Those dreaming of a professional Christmas photoshoot in a unique environment, along with family, loved ones, or pets had the opportunity to do it here. Professional photographer Eglė Gendrėnaitė captured and gifted more than 250 wonderful photographic moments to visitors.

The Christmas elves worked hard and helped thousands of children who wrote letters to Santa Claus about their good works and achievements. The letters were placed into a Christmas mailbox, and the children eagerly awaited Santa Claus to deliver their gift.

We have no doubt that the Christmas spirit created joy for many a visitor, and that this experience will remain a beautiful childhood memory for the little ones.

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