The Hanging Gardens

In the era of social media, the impression buyers get in retail space is becoming an important marketing factor in terms of attracting more customers, as they continue to look for interesting and unique content to share. Therefore, demand for outstanding decorations is on the rise. When one of our clients, Europa Shopping Centre in Vilnius, asked for a spring-summer decor theme, we suggested to cooperate with the most well-known Lithuanian decorator and florist Mantas Petruškevičius.


EUROPA Shopping Centre


Spring decoration


May, 2020


Mantas Petruškevičius

The Idea. Since due to Covid-19, restrictions still applied to the organisation of events for various safety reasons, we decided to surprise and inspire the customers and visitors of the shopping centre with an immersive floral installation which would bring fresh spring feeling after the cold and long days of quarantine.

The Solution. We invited the most well-known Lithuanian decorator and florist Mantas Petruškevičius to cooperate in this project. He used the voluminous central hall of Europa Shopping Mall and filled the upper space with over 4,000 colourful hydrangeas and amaranths against the white backdrop of the walls. The clouds of 2-3 meters in size formed from dried and artificial flowers and special lighting made each visitor entering the shopping mall look up in awe.

A glass carpet was placed under the clouds of flowers which offered a stage for the display of sophisticated ottomans specially produced by Magrės Baldai for the project. In addition, the decorator selected a special fragrance for his installation that was disseminated using the scent machine. If a visitor stood or sat under the Hanging Gardens, all elements of the installation produced an illusion of being surrounded by flower blossoms.

Making it extraordinary. Assigned with a hashtag #bloomingEuropa the floral installation brought to the mall not only a large number of visitors who shared their photographs and spread the joyful enthusiasm of spring on social media but also attracted lots of media attention. A photo session for a fashion magazine and even for a wedding took place in the mall.

And for our team, it was such a good feeling to return to work after a slack period with this special project that was filled with spring, beauty, elegance, and spread the desire to dress up and enjoy life! 

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