HR Company’s Rebranding

After ten years of operation, with new, fresh and dynamic competitors on the market, a human resource outsourcing company “Personalo sprendimai” realised that it needed changes in oder to continue to grow.


Personalo sprendimai UAB


Brand strategy
Brand identity




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The Challenge. Together with the client, we have done a deep analysis of the situation to uncover key information about their business model and process, gain clarity about the target audience, the market and company’s position, understand the values and purposes behind what they do. Things like logo, colours, and typography are vital to the brand, but they’re ultimately a visual translation of the brand’s essence and messaging. So, first, we have identified what the company wanted to communicate, defined the strategic direction, and created a brand identity to embody it. 

Brand strategy process has included brand discovery, competitor analysis, target audience identification, positioning, and brand messaging.

The Solution. The client was very attached to his old logo and it’s deep symbolic meaning, so together we decided to just give a more up-to-date, fresher and brighter view for it. We also crafted an impactful brand slogan and developed an overall brand guideline to include colours, typography, imagery and icons specific for branding.

The Added Value. A brand’s success depends on all employees being united behind it, being confident in what the brand stands for, and what makes it stand out. They need to live and breathe the brand, not just pay lip service to it. Therefore, a company rebrand is much more than just refreshing the logo. It can become a powerful motivational tool if used wisely, and employee engagement in the process here is a key.

The entire team of “Personalo sprendimai” constantly were involved in rebranding workshops. This allowed them to influence defining the vision of the company and become the co-creators of new brand identity, that would align with the business goals, as well as inspire and motivate them to live in accordance with brand values for a long time.

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