Reading is a Timeless Fashion

Bookstores are amazing and important places for all of us socially and culturally, and we know that booksellers help the readers to discover and share the magic of books. However, the market for books is changing. The rise of online shopping carves a convenient path for delivering books directly to customer’s front door. But where is the experience in that?


EUROPA Shopping Centre


Pop-up shop
Social initiative
Art installation
PR campaign


April, 2019


VAGA Bookstore
Save The Children Lithuania
Gyva grafika

The Challenge. The bookstore experience is irreplaceable – strolling through the shelves, observing colourful book covers, searching for the desired author, carrying a new story out of the store, and bending the corners of pages while reading a book. The bookstores encourage reading and foster a love for literature, especially within the minds of children.

The managers of Europa Shopping Centre were concerned about the results of their exclusive bookstore tenant. They wanted to promote the bookstore’s sales in a way that would also attract more visitors and increase overall shopping centre footfall.

The Idea. In response to the client’s task, we offered to hold a Book Fair event at Europa Shopping Centre. The entire marketing campaign consisted of several different components:

  • A pop-up bookstore, a specially arranged area for book presentations and a lounge for readers in a central hall of the shopping mall,
  • Book presentations, meetings with book authors and talks,
  • Special discounts for books,
  • A social initiative “Read and Share”, and
  • Art installation “Reading is a Timeless Fashion”.

The Solution. For ten days campaign, a pop-up shop set up in a central hall of the shopping centre gave an opportunity for Vaga bookstore to present the most recent books for the wider audience, to get closer to their customers and also to sell more books. Meanwhile, for buyers, it was a very convenient option, without wasting much time, just passing by, to get acquainted with the book news, to inquire bookstore staff for recommendations and to buy the chosen book right here.

During the campaign, a social initiative was also announced aiming to promote book sharing with those who cannot afford buying new books and consider it as a luxury product. Shopping centre’s customers were invited and motivated to donate old and new books to the organization “Save the Children Lithuania”. More than 1500 books were collected and donated to five different community centres in the rural areas of the country.

Making it Extraordinary. A modern art installation by the street artist Zygimantas Amelynas became the main highlight of the Book Fair event. On an exceptional canvas created out of around 100 open books the artist interpreted the famous portrait of Mona Lisa in a way unexpected to the audience. Unlike the original, this artwork depicted Mona Lisa with a book in her hands. The title of the book – Fashion History – could be understood as an encoded message for viewers: reading is a timeless fashion.

By creating this installation, the artist sought to engage people, and grab their attention, but at the same time not bother them by urging to explore something really complex. He chose Mona Lisa for his interpretation because it is one of the most famous works of art, easily recognizable, and therefore immediately catching the eyes of passers-by. It’s a work that doesn’t need to be explained – you can just look at it anew.

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