New Brand in the Commercial Transport Sector

After operating as a distributor of the Dutch company GreenChem B.V. for AdBlue® products in the Baltic countries for 15 years, our client, GreenChem Baltic, Ltd., has decided to expand their business by introducing the innovative HydraGEN™ technology developed by Canadian manufacturer dynaCERT to the market. This major business development prompted the company to look for its own identity and to rebrand and strengthen its image, which would help them grow.


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The Objective.  First, we aimed essentially at understanding the client’s business specifics, the situation, goals, values, the target audience and the market in order to determine the brand positioning strategy. The next major step was to create a new name, logo, and a brand image highlighting the company’s intention to offer innovative, sustainable, efficient, value creating, and eco-friendly solutions for the transport sector. The company’s new brand and image had to help to achieve the company’s sales growth and development goals.

The Challenge. After 15 years of operation as a distribution company under the international name, GreenChem Baltic was already well established in the market with its brand. The biggest challenge was to implement changes which would show that the company has grown from just being a distributor of one product.

The new brand identity had to portray the image and to highlight the expansion of the company’s business. It also had to reflect the company’s values and brand positioning – ecology, efficiency, and innovative technologies for the commercial transport sector. The new name had to be easy to pronounce and acceptable for international marketing. At the same time, the client was also concerned about not going too far from what they have already achieved.

The Solution. The creative process included not only the search for an appropriate name, but also verification if the company name or brand are not taken and if the domain .com was available.

As a result, we suggested a brand-new name – GRINTECO – to the client. The new name together with the slogan – sustainable transport solutions – underscore the company’s business direction and reveal values based on ecology, efficiency and innovative technologies that allow transport companies to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in their fleets, and the negative impact on the environment.

A new modern logo symbolises harmony between environmentally friendly ideas and innovative technologies. The symbol of a green leaf associates it with ecology and environmental protection, and also reflects novelty, growth and vitality. This emphasises the company’s drive and aspiration for growth.

The leaf in combination with the letter “O” gives an impression of an arrow hitting a target. This means that GRINTECO is the right choice for a partnership. Technical and technology aspect is reflected in the modern and dynamic font. The colour palette similar to that of the company’s previous brand was intentionally chosen to maintain relative brand recognition.

One of the main measures for enforcing the new brand identity was a new corporate website used not only for creating and strengthening the company’s image, but also as a functional and convenient sales tool. Together with our partners we developed the design of the website, programmed its functionality, and prepared the content: descriptions, technical information, selection of the photos and scheme development.

The entire team of Grinteco took part in the rebranding process. We jointly defined the company’s vision, mission and goals, agreed on the brand positioning, developed the brand identity and information content, and prepared product presentations, marketing plans and the budget. Such involvement helped the team to accept and be proud of the changes, motivated it to expand the circle of customers and to seek the goals of the company.

We are grateful to Grinteco for entrusting us with such an important task.

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