Kaunas – a Rugby City

In 1961, the first rugby game in Lithuania took place in Kaunas with the hosts winning the competition. Thus, 60 years ago, the history of Lithuanian rugby began. Kaunas rugby club Ąžuolas started its honourable path in rugby in 1975. With the changing team players, managers, coaches, sponsors, and results over years, the club faced the need to strengthen the image of the club as well as rugby itself in the society.


Kaunas Rugby Club Ąžuolas


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doPRO agency

The challenge and objective. After many changes, the future of rugby in Kaunas looked vague and the team’s results were not encouraging. Therefore, both the team players and potential sponsors found it difficult to present, reveal and trust the potential of the renewed club. For this reason, together with the club’s management team, we had to redefine the club’s strategic direction, values, the tone of communication, and also to find a way to emphasize the continuity of deep Lithuanian rugby traditions, club history, and input. The goal was to bring together a community that was not indifferent to rugby and which would help the team grow and achieve top scores in the championships and tournaments of Lithuania and neighboring countries.

The solution. One of the main tasks in the club’s renewal process was to build a new image of the club, which includes the logo, brand style, and team wear. The colors, typography, and symbols are important elements not only for the positioning of the club in public space but also for revealing the character and traditions of the game. The new logo includes the most important symbols of the club’s history and identity: the foundation date, an oak leaf [the club’s name means “Oak” in Lithuanian], a rugby ball, and a Kaunas City coat of arms. The green dominant color of the logo reflects growth and vitality, yellow motifs promote positivity and optimism, and red – determination and courage.

We also created a new website for the renewed club which is used not only as the means of an image but also as a functional tool for publicizing the events and achievements of the rugby community. Together with the partner doPRO agency, we created the design and functionality of the website and prepared its content.

Sponsors are required to ensure the efficient functioning of the club. Together with the club’s board, we prepared a sponsorship strategy and promotional material to help introduce and represent the club effectively and attract major sponsors for the upcoming season. Our focus was on building a cooperation model based on rugby values: fair, enthusiastic, loyal, disciplined, and respectful game.

Making it extraordinary. This season, Ąžuolas team players wear new jerseys of bespoke design. It features a number of details from rugby history and authentic cultural symbols of Kaunas City: from ancient ethnic Baltic symbols, historical buildings of Kaunas, and events to contemporary art objects. 

We contributed to the design of the new team wear so that the team would stand out on the rugby pitch and the rugby jerseys would reflect the huge love of players for this sport and encourage pride in Kaunas City.

Our collaboration with RC Ąžuolas is a continuous long-term project that includes consultancy on various issues of the club’s activity, development, marketing, and content creation.

We thank the team for their trust and wish them many victories.

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