Happy New Discoveries

No one expected this, but it turns out that sometimes the new year can begin in the summer. This was the case this year for shopping centers, which were closed because of the pandemic from December and were fully opened only at the end of May. The Commercial Area URMAS wanted to invite buyers to return in an original way.


URMAS Commercial Area


Marketing activation


June 2021


Clinic 212

The challenge. The creative idea of the campaign “Happy New Discoveries” was that the New Year and the real holiday do not necessarily coincide with the calendar year, and 2021 begins with the end of quarantine. For this reason, it was important to offer such an idea of marketing activations, which not only visually, but also emotionally would spread the festive mood, surprise the returning customers, and invite them to celebrate, communicate, entertain, and discover the best offers.

The idea. Our team offered to equip the space of “happy new discoveries” decorated with warm and shiny shades, full of new year’s luster, smiles, music, simple joy, and good bustle, all of which were so long.

The solution. The main object was interactive contemporary installation “Joy Cube”. Its appearance was inspired by the works of Jesús Rafael Soto, the world-famous designer of kinetic art and optical installations (1923 – 2005). The colorful installation invited visitors to penetrate the cube filled with colored stripes, the surroundings of which are like disappearing and again appear. More than 2000 colored strips with a total length of about four kilometers took place to create an installation of 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 m.

Visitors took instant pictures at the festive photo stand, which reminded the confetti rain that had just taken place here. A promo team was used to share fortune cookies to the visitors. Meanwhile, the little ones decorated with temporary unicorns and star tattoos. All this created a fun and joyful atmosphere.

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