Developing the Amusing KAKĖ MAKĖ WORLD

Kakė Makė is one of the most popular Lithuanian children’s literary characters. Over the past years, the character from the children’s book has become the most popular Lithuanian children's brand: it can be found in books, TV shows, stage shows, games, clothes, and a variety of other consumer products. The Alma Littera Group, the owner of the Kakė Makė brand, had an even greater ambition of developing the entire Kakė Makė World – an entertainment space for the families with kids. The development of this large and exciting business project was entrusted to the Monartus team.


Alma Littera Group


Project Development
Project Management




AEXN architects and united architect team of Tomas Grunskis, Jūratė Kindurytė and Gabrielė Černiavskaja

Undeniably, this was our biggest project in 2019. Over a period of 10 months, the team of our project managers, together with the representatives of the Alma Littera Group, developed two family entertainment centres – the Kakė Makė World at Akropolis Shopping and Leisure Centres in Vilnius (800 sqm) and in Kaunas  (700 sqm). The investment totalled EUR 1.6 million.

The Kakė Makė World is dedicated for children aged 3–10.  Here children can broaden their experiences in the real world of their beloved character – they can enjoy role playing, celebrate birthdays, attend events and workshops and, above all, meet their beloved book heroes – Kakė Makė, the Elf of Mess, Monsters, the Tooth Fairy, Mummy, Daddy, Pirates, Mucius and others. Children can also take part in such activities as climbing nets, playing in a ball pit or on a slide, climbing through a series of obstacles, riding a zip-line, or jumping on a trampoline. There is a space with toys for toddlers too.

The spaces specially dedicated for children’s play and entertainment and fitted out according to the illustrations of the book author and illustrator Lina Žutautė foster children‘s curiosity, imagination and exploration, develop their social, physical, intellectual, and emotional skills, encourage communication and language development, and support the ability to play independently and with other children.

The scope of project development & management services:

  • Building a business plan;
  • Formulation of the capital budget and budget control;
  • Consultancy on the architectural concept and content of games/recreation;
  • Search for, tendering, negotiations and conclusion of contracts with contractors, manufacturers of equipment and furniture, inventory suppliers and service providers;
  • Preparation of the staff policy and coordination of staff recruiting,
  • Preparation of the marketing strategy, action plan and budget, coordination of the visual advertising project and production, planning and implementation of the opening promotion and other marketing;
  • Preparation of operational documents (rules of procedure, orders);
  • Obtaining permits (safety certificates, etc.),
  • Organization, coordination, control, and acceptance of all project works, and reporting;
  • Communication with the client, the architects, the landlord, service providers and producers regarding all aspects of the project; site visits.

KAKĖ MAKĖ WORLD children’s entertainment centres

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