Capturing Happiness in a Cup of Coffee

Would you enjoy the savouring of different fresh-ground coffee blends during your daily grocery shopping routine?


Daisena UAB


Brand activation
Sales promotion


March, 2019

The Challenge. The largest Lithuanian grocery retailer Maxima was organizing its annual sales promotion campaign “Coffee Days” for all caffeine lovers to promote different tastes and cultures of this popular warm drink.

Our client, the distribution company Daisena, representing the popular coffee brand Aroma Gold, wanted to be more visible and closer to the customers during this sales activation campaign. They also wanted to learn more about their target audience, how do they like the taste of the coffee blend, and the reasons why they buy or don’t buy Aroma Gold coffee.

The Solution. We installed Aroma Gold pop-up coffee bars in the largest Maxima stores in Vilnius and Kaunas. Customers were able to taste and evaluate the different flavours of the coffee blends. Those who completed a short survey questionnaire were able to win instant branded prizes.

Making it Extraordinary. If you are experiencing something fun, it’s a must to capture the moment and share it on social media. That is the rule these days! Want a printed photo of your snapshot too? Here’s a photo booth next to you.

During the week-long campaign, thousands of smiles of coffee lovers were captured in snapshots at Aroma Gold branded photo booth, and everyone could get a free printed photo too.

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