Blooming season

After a long period of quarantine at the beginning of the year, in preparation for the warm weather season, restaurants and cafes wanted to offer their customers an exceptional environment and a cosy atmosphere focusing on spring-summer decor. Together with the most famous Lithuanian florist and decorator Mantas Petruškevičius, our team implemented a few spectacular decor projects.


Sushi Masters Palanga
Restaurant San Valentino
Belgian Pub - Brussels Mussels
Spritz Summer Garden


Spring - Summer season decorations


April – June, 2021


Flower Couture by Mantas Petruškevičius

For the spring-summer season, restaurants chose spectacular solutions for outdoor terraces, facades, and interior decor in order to transform the places to make them attractive not only for communication and entertainment but also for enjoying the surroundings. Lithuania’s most famous florist and decorator Mantas Petruškevičius, who has realized dozens of spectacular decorating projects, turned restaurants into cozy oases of plants and flowers, which became the most Instagrammable sites. According to the florist, customers will always be attracted to and want to spend time at a beautiful place.

# 1 Sushi Masters summer terrace in Palanga

The terrace of the Japanese restaurant Sushi Masters was transformed into a mystical garden. For two days, Mantas Petruškevičius together with his team decorated the restaurant with a most sought-after garden decoration – wisterias, combining them with other plants and tree branches. Some of the plants used for decorating came directly from the forests of Lithuania, and other plants were high-quality artificial products. Large classical style mirrors were skilfully placed in between the cascading plants which gave the space depth and mystical beauty and left no one indifferent.

# 2 Restaurant San Valentino

This is not the first time that we have decorated the facade of the Italian restaurant located in the very heart of Vilnius’ Old Town. Each time the decor is different, however, it emphasizes the coziness, hospitality, and Italian spirit of the restaurant. This spring San Valentino was decorated with spectacular bright pink Bougainvillea shrubs. Although the flowers of these plants are often referred to as paper flowers due to their ultra-thin leaves, their abundance is enchanting and reminiscent of images of narrow Italian streets, where they decorate many homes.

# 3 Belgian Pub – Brussels Mussels

The fabulous beauty and incredible size of a ficus tree appeared inside the restaurant Belgian Pub – Brussels Mussels. Every branch of this impressive tree was shaped by a talented team of decorators. This evergreen ficus spread across the restaurant’s interior and decorated with romantic lights, gives the interior a distinct style, allowing customers to enjoy the beauty and cozy atmosphere inspired by nature.

# 4 Spritz Summer Garden

In the very center of Vilnius, you can drop by a tropical garden with a unique design. The facade, decorated with colorful mirrors, palm leaves, and colored blossoms, greets guests and invites them to visit the summer terrace, which was created by florist Mantas Petruškevičius using various artificial plants, motifs of butterflies, and exotic birds.

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