Any Day for Shopping – so Long as it’s Black Friday

Any colour – so long as it’s black, as Henry Ford, the smart American inventor and businessman, once said. Any day for shopping - so long as it’s Black Friday! Why not?


EUROPA Shopping Centre, Vilnius


Event marketing
Sales activation
Sponsorship activities


June, November, 2019

The Challenge. Our client Europa Shopping Centre in Vilnius runs Black Friday sales campaigns twice a year – in summer and late autumn, and every time they want it to be a special shopping event for their clients. As the famous song by Fergie goes ‘A little party never killed nobody’. That’s what we think too.

The Idea. Europa Shopping Centre is all about fashion and city lifestyle. It is surrounded by lots of modern offices, and people who work here are the main target audience of the shopping centre.

To indulge yourself with some shopping after long office hours is always a good idea, and if it’s Black Friday sales – diving into the ultimate guilt-free shopping experience and celebrating great deals is a must.

The Solution. We therefore created the atmosphere of a stylish lounge party with a DJ in the main square of the shopping centre, provided photo booths for those who love capturing every moment of their life, and a free non-alcoholic beverages bar, where everyone could enjoy special Black Friday cocktails, like “Black magic” or “Oreo Madness”. Sounds good? Yes, it created a perfect vibe to socialize and celebrate great deals!

Making it Extraordinary. To make it more attractive, our sponsorship partners  – The Home Story, L’OCCITANE en Provence, Cascada, SMELLS LIKE SPELLS, Mulate, and Ecodenta – prepared exclusive giveaways for the first 100 buyers.

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