A Three-Dimensional Christmas Tree out of Gift Boxes

The Christmas event marathon actually starts not with the lighting of the Christmas Tree in the main squares of the cities, but rather in every shopping centre offering Christmas gift ideas, discounts and, of course, extraordinary decorations.


EUROPA Shopping Centre


Art installation
Christmas decoration


December, 2019


Jolita Vaitkutė

The Challenge. Year after year shopping malls try to surprise us with unconventional ideas to keep their customers’ attention and to attract new customers. Therefore, we offered our client Europa Shopping Centre to surprise its visitors with a truly unique Christmas Tree, produced in collaboration with Jolita Vaitkute, a well-known young generation Lithuanian artist, who creates original art installations out of offbeat materials.

The Idea. The artist devoted a considerable amount of time to reflect on how to create the Christmas atmosphere without real spruce. She was looking for an idea that would be as nature friendly as possible because all her work basically relies on this principle. Finally, the artist decided to create a unique three-dimensional Christmas Tree installation out of traditional gift boxes, which were packaged using easily recyclable gift wrap.

The Solution. Almost 100 hours of work – that was the time required to implement the idea of the art installation. A large number of assistants who spent a few days in the shopping centre, sometimes working until dawn, contributed to the idea. The work required great accuracy because it was necessary to think about every tiny detail – from how to cut the gift wrap correctly, to the final arrangement of the gift boxes.

Making it Extraordinary. No doubt the unconventional Christmas Tree, which could be viewed from just one perspective, caught the eye of most visitors of the shopping centre. The art installation earned great media attention, as a result, the shopping centre gained lots of free publicity and achieved the PR goals of not only building an image of an exclusive shopping centre, but also attracting more buyers.

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