A Green Tropical Terrace for the City-Lovers

After a busy day at work, you would probably welcome a chance to relax over a nice sparkling cocktail and delicious food on a green outdoor terrace. A tropical oasis surrounded by city skyscrapers in the main business district of the capital city has definitely become an attraction point for those who feel stuck in the city during summertime or, on the contrary, are big lovers of urban living.


EUROPA Shopping Centre


Marketing events


July, August, 2020


Mantas Petruškevičius

The Challenge. Our client, Europa Shopping Centre, is located in a business district. The main customer traffic to the centre from the neighbouring offices is at lunchtime or after work hours on business days. After the withdrawal of Covid-19 restrictions, a large group of employees did not return to their work places choosing to work from home. The Covid 19-related situation affected the habits of customers – they tried to spend as little time as possible indoors. The shopping centre needed solutions to help attract old and bring new customers.

The Idea. We suggested to convert the lifeless outdoor terrace of the shopping center and the fountain square to a fresh green tropical oasis.  We invited professional florist Mantas Petruškevičius to decorate the summer terrace and to make it gorgeous and attractive.

The Solution. Exotic plants, huge palms, reeds, modern furniture and light bulb garlands brought more vitality, dynamics to the grey city square and formed a cosy and stylish space for visitors, who were happy to use it for socializing, lunch and hangout.

Since the shopping mall is located in the business area of the city and is surrounded by office skyscrapers, on Tuesdays and Thursdays in summer street food trucks were placed near the terrace of the shopping centre, which expanded the choice of eateries at lunchtime. On Thursdays, after office hours, parties with a DJ and free non-alcoholic cocktails were organized turning Europa terrace into a classy lounge to fully enjoy urban living!

Making it Extraordinary. The opening party was attended by popular social media influencers who shared the moments with their followers showing that Europa Shopping Centre definitely had a new attraction point to enjoy a break in fresh air. 

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